Web Design Services for Small Business – Price That Fits In Your Budget

Web Design Services for Small Business – Price That Fits In Your Budget:

Hello Business Owner! Like others we are quite sure that you have different questions in your mind right now before ordering affordable website designs for your small businesses. You have been searching here and there on Internet. Looking for best website design companies for small businesses. The Bot Outsource can surely help you with that and we have answers for all your queries running in your mind right now. Let us go step by step and guide you through the process.

Importance of Small Business Website Design:

Every business doesn’t matter small or huge, must have online projection like business website, brand or business logo. Let me get into this little deeper for all of you to understand comfortably. You are using your phone or laptop and all of a sudden your mother comes up and tell you that she will be needing a plumber right now what will you do or what can anyone with little intelligence will do?

First thing that you are going to do is, pick up your phone open www.google.com and type plumber near me, make sure your that your location will be on J and that’s it you will get yourself landed to some business website and you will get the job done. These days’ 80-90% people will do the same.

Best Website Design Companies For Small Business:

Creating websites for small businesses is our forte and it doesn’t mean that we have a liberty to take things lightly or for granted because you are planning to launch your small business website and your budget is bit tight. We know the importance of website design, it has to be eye catching, noticeable and relentlessly well. Business website is going to be make or break situation for any business owner. You can take orders from your ecommerce website directly.  We can get you your desired budget right in your budget and the best part is, you can set the terms by your own.

What will be the price for my small business website?

The aim is to serve small business owners, the price starts from $400 to $1000 depending on the functionality, number of pages and complexities. An informative business website will cost you around $599. For pricing you can also refer to below mentioned link.

Custom Small Business Website Design – Complete Guide 2021

Our Unique Selling Points:

What will I get by paying $599, only website?

We already know, being a business owner you have been striving to make your business go beyond set targets, in order to add value to your small business website package, you will be getting below mentioned value added services with your website package.

  • Brand | Business Logo Design.
  • Business Cards (Soft Copy – Printable)
  • Letterhead (Soft Copy – Printable)
  • Facebook Cover.
  • 5 Page Informative Business Website.
  • Website Content.

When will I have to make the payment?

Payment will be upfront however in some cases exceptions can be discussed.

Can payment be refunded?

Yes! All online purchase can be refunded or replaced anytime.

What happens if I want to make some changes to my website like adding new products, revisions, blog posting or updating my website, would it be done by me or you?

The Bot Outsource will be taking care of updating your website and changes, there will be a dedicated designer and developer for your business website.

How do I start my small business website with The Bot Outsource?

After completing your payment, you will have to fill simple website questionnaire form and that will be it.

Can I have your portfolio for the work you have done previously?

Yes why not! Simply have a word with us on chat, we can provide you with our portfolio.

Can I have complete ownership rights for my website, business or brand logo?

Yes! You will have the complete ownership rights of your website, business or brand logo from day 1.

Note: Feel free to contact us if you are planning to design business website for your small business, we are just click away from you, and you can come to chat or call us any time you want. So that we are going to go ahead and discuss your project in depth and help you achieve your desired results.

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