Brand Logo Designing: Everything You Need To Know 2021

Brand Logo Designing: Everything You Need To Know 2021

Hello Business owners or going to business owner or founder soon! Wait what you are planning to start a new venture, business or startup with friends or with people who think the same way like you. So this article for you guys.

So let me run a quick test on you,

Are you familiar with this brand logo, let me answer this for you and the answer is Yes! Its McDonald’s logo, we already knew that but how?

That the impact of brand logo on its consumer. If you are planning to launch a new business you will have to sit with your partners, friends, stake holders, brain storm a bit and the first thing you will be needing to get your business notice is going to be your brand logo, If you are planning to setup a new restaurant then surely you will be needing a new restaurant logo for your brand so that your brand logo will be all over your restaurant like on your menu card, brochure, business card and on the top of your restaurant off course. That brand logo of yours will be remembered by your customers even my 4 years old nephew recognizes McDonald’s with just its logo.

Things you will be needing before creating your brand logo.

What exact words (name of your company) should appear in your brand logo?

Do you have a tag line or a slogan?

Do you want your brand logo to represent something or some idea?

Preferences about colors?

Preferences about fonts? (If any)

Please reference some URL or Logo you are inspired with. (If any)

Which type of brand logo do you wish to see from following? (Please highlight a type)

a. Need Illustrative / cartoon style logo?


b. Iconic/Symbolic:

c. Word marks (made of word):

Combination Marks (combination of words and symbol)




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